Visit Visa for UK:

Visitor visa for the United Kingdom is required by many Indians as their children study in the UK universities or some of their relatives have settled here and they can come and meet them once in a while. Getting visitor visa depends on your nationality, the purpose of your visit and how long you need to stay. The UK Visitor visa category includes a number of specific visitor visas that allow people to spend their good time holidaying, visit family, get married, study a short course, and many other purposes.

In general case, visitor visas are valid for a period of 6 months. In few other cases, they can be issued for an extended period like 1, 2, 5 or 10 years. However, those with longer term visas can still only stay in the United Kingdom for a period of 6 months at a time, other than academic visitors and parents of children at school.

Visitor Visa Requirements:

The standard visitor visa has replaced the following visas:

  • Family visitor visa
  • General visitor visa
  • Child visitor visa
  • Business visitor visa
  • Entertainer visitor visa
  • Prospective entrepreneur visa

To qualify under a standard visitor visa for tourism purposes, there are a few fundamental needs that must be met. Besides these, you should meet several other conditions based on the purpose of your visit to the United Kingdom. You must only visit the UK for a maximum of 6 months at a time and you must show that you will be capable of supporting yourself financially and meet the other costs in your journey.

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