University of Northumbria Overview

The wide range of courses available at Northumbria University enables students to develop their skills, providing an ambitious graduate community that is well-positioned to meet the challenges of the modern world. Among the best universities in the world, this university is recognized globally as a sustainability leader.

This award-winning campus in Newcastle offers modern learning environments and superb sports facilities and is one of four campuses comprising the university. You can easily reach coastal resorts and the beauty of Northumberland from this hotel, which is located right in the heart of a vibrant city. A few miles outside Newcastle City Centre, at Coach Lane, is the second campus of Newcastle’s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. Among its other facilities are a modern students’ union, sporting facilities, a computer center, and a library. Within minutes of Liverpool Street Station, you will find London’s third campus.


In the capital’s financial and tech districts, students in Business, Computing, and Technology courses will be right at the center of everything. Amsterdam University of applied sciences is a partner of the Amsterdam campus. It is possible for both institutions to offer students the opportunity to study overseas, which gives them a chance to work on actual business projects and broaden their horizons. Furthermore, 136 higher education institutions from around the world participate in the university’s program.


Increasing enrolments at the university have occurred rapidly since 2015. In addition to multiple academic departments at the university, there are four principal faculties, including the faculty of art, design, and social science, the faculty of business and law, and the faculty of engineering and environment. A wide variety of subjects is available to students, so they can choose to study whatever interests them. Additionally, the university has a publishing house (established in 2002). They publish publications ranging from books to photography, travel, music, and biographies.

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    University of Northumbria Ranking

    This ranking is based on four metrics: teaching quality, research quality, student satisfaction and graduate prospects. The University of Northumbria is ranked as the best university in the UK for student experience. The university is ranked first for student experience, according to the latest rankings from Times Higher Education. The University of Northumbria ranks higher than any other institution in the UK and comes top of the pile in Europe with a score of 851. The university has been praised for its excellent student experience, with a strong focus on teaching, learning, and social life.


    A higher ranking than in previous years puts the University of Northumbria between 651 and 700 on the QS World University Ranking for 2021. It has also improved from its earlier positions for two years in a row in Times Higher Education, which ranks the university between 351 and 400 out of 500. Times Higher Education (THE) places equal emphasis on Teaching, Research, and Citations, while QS focuses mainly on Academic Reputation and Faculty/Student Ratio.

    As of 2021, the University of Northumbria has been ranked 52 by The Complete University Guide. Compared to last year’s ranking of 50, the University of Northumbria now ranks at 27, which is a big jump from its earlier ranking of 27. As of 2021, US News and World Report ranked the university 660th. It uses a number of ranking parameters, such as Global Research Reputation, Regional Research Reputation, and Number of Publications Cited, as part of its algorithm to determine rankings.

    Courses in University of Northumbria

    The University of Northumbria is one of the leading universities in the UK with a number of high-quality courses available. The university has been ranked as the best university in the UK for graduate employability and is consistently rated as one of the top universities in Europe. The University of Northumbria offers a wide range of courses and qualifications that can be studied across its campuses in Newcastle and London. The university has been ranked as the UK’s top university for teaching excellence by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The university offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in over 70 areas, including law, social work, sports science, business and languages. The university also offers a number of short courses for students who want to learn more about specific topics.

    There are over 200 courses available at Northumbria University for undergraduates. In order to provide world-leading courses that draw on world-renowned research, the university relies on world-leading and internationally excellent research REF 2020.

    In addition to offering expertise to top brands and organizations, Northumbria staff have helped shape trends and agendas. Students have the opportunity to develop their evaluation abilities and learn how to help shape their campus’ own learning through interactions and conversations with peers and tutors, both in the classroom and online.

    Admission in University of Northumbria

    The University of Northumbria has seen a significant increase in the number of international students applying for admission in recent years. The University of Northumbria had over 6,000 international students from 190 countries. The International Office at Northumbria University offers support services for international students and their families including visa applications, accommodation advice and help with language courses and cultural events throughout the year. The University of Northumbria is one of the largest universities in Europe and it has over 50,000 students.

    The University of Northumbria is an academic institution ranked among the best in the country. Graduate and postgraduate students at the university have access to a diverse range of courses. Upon selecting the most appropriate course, the student can begin the application process. It is possible that students do not understand how applications are processed or how to search for courses at the university. We have provided student advisory services for nearly two decades. To receive assistance with your process, you can also come to our Global Six Sigma office. Guidance, advice, and support are available through the free counselling we provide. With our assistance, you’ll learn about the Northumbria University application process, select the best courses, and make your way through the admissions process.

    We will begin accepting applications as soon as the University of Northumbria’s counselling process has been completed. Northumbria University requires that you meet its admission requirements in order to gain admission. Application to the university is done through UCAS. In general, prospective students fail their applications when unsure of what courses to enrol in and how to submit their documentation. A letter of acceptance will be sent to students who meet the requirements for applying to Global Six Sigma Consultants.

    It generally takes a week or two for the offer letter to arrive after the documentation has been received. Our Global Six Sigma program has a rapid application process due to the high representation of universities within the dedication. We maintain direct contact with universities, so we can respond to their inquiries immediately. As a result, students will not waste time and effort. You will be considered for admission to Northumbria University as part of our consulting relationship with you.

    Eligibility and Documents Required to Apply in University of Northumbria

    Entry requirements for courses at Northumbria University vary depending on the programme and length of study. Universities in the UK are now adopting stricter policies regarding the qualifications and documents required to apply for admission. Universities are also considering new ways to assess students’ eligibility by comparing their qualifications with those of other countries.

    Eligibility and Document Requirements:

    The admissions form alongside required supporting documentation must also be submitted with these documents. Students applying to Northumbria University will be evaluated according to their study level. You may be required to submit a portfolio and to have better English proficiency in certain courses.

    International students who wish to apply for undergraduate courses must score at least 60 per cent on the Grade 12 examination. Students wishing to apply for graduate study must have a 60 per cent grade point average or a 55 per cent grade point average in an undergraduate degree. If you want to be eligible for assistance with English, you must have a grade of 65 per cent or higher from a specific examination board or an IELTS Academic with a band score of 6.5 and a component score of 5.5. University of Northumbria students may choose either the PTE Academic or an English test. To enrol in undergraduate programs, international students are required to have a minimum level of English, including IELTS with a minimum score of 6.0.

    Admission to the program requires applicants to submit personal information, proof of identity, and proof of English proficiency (or its equivalent)

    For most applications, the following documents are required:

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      Fees at University of Northumbria

      Fees at the University of Northumbria are set by the government, so students don’t have to pay any fees themselves. The university offers both full-time and part-time courses, as well as distance learning programmes. The tuition fees at the University of Northumbria are relatively low compared to other universities in the UK. The government sets undergraduate fees in accordance with inflation forecasts. If you are studying in a full-time program you are required to pay the maximum chargeable fee of £9,250 in the first year. The total cost of studying at the university is around £10,000 per year for full-time students or £5,000 per year for part-time students. The University of Northumbria is a public university in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. The University of Northumbria has been ranked the top university in the UK and is recognized internationally for its work in research and teaching excellence. The fees for full-time postgraduate students are £12000 per year and £6000 per year for part-time postgraduate students. The costs of part-time courses vary depending on the length of the course, which can be found on the offer letter. An employer’s sponsorship is required by the university if a student is sponsored by that employer.

      University of Northumbria

      Scholarships and Financial Aid at University of Northumbria

      The University of Northumbria offers a wide range of scholarships and financial aid for students who need help with the cost of their tuition. Scholarships are awarded to those who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership, while financial aid is available for those who demonstrate need. Northumbria University offers three types of scholarships: merit-based, self-funding, and international awards. Merit-based scholarships are awarded to those with the top GPA in their graduating class or the highest rank in any recognized competition or sport. Self-funding scholarships are awarded to students that have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by participating in extracurricular activities or volunteer work outside of school hours. International awards are given to students that demonstrate a commitment to diversity and international understanding through their personal experiences or academic pursuits.
      Depending on students’ academic achievement, financial circumstances, and other factors, Northumbria University offers a range of scholarships, bursaries, and grants. During their time at university, the university is dedicated to assisting students in achieving their goals.

      As financial support opportunities have distinct eligibility requirements, applicants need to pay attention to all requirements and observe all application processes and deadlines precisely. In addition to supporting excellent academic students, Northumbria University offers financial aid. Depending on academic achievement or personal financial circumstances, students can choose from a variety of support packages.

      Part-Time Work While Studying at University of Northumbria

      Part-time work is a viable option for students looking to earn some extra money during their studies. It’s important that students maximize their time while they are in school, and part-time work can help them do this. It’s also a great way to gain experience and build up your resume, especially if you want to work in the field of your degree. With the help of part-time work, students can have a better time balancing their studies and their work. They can also earn some extra money to fund their studies. There are a number of companies that offer part-time work opportunities for students while they study at university. This is an opportunity for students to gain experience in the field they want to pursue while studying at university.

      Students who begin their careers at the University of Northumbria need not worry about their part-time employment because the university offers placements within the university and local area for part-time or temporary work, one-off jobs, and vacation work. You can work with career advisers to improve your CV, application and interview technique at the University of Northumbria. You will be able to build the employability skills each employer looks for with impartial career advice and resources tailored to your needs. In order to maintain a healthy workload, Northumbria University recommends that you finish your studies at least 20 hours per week. Having a healthy workload is a requirement of the UK government.

      Careers and Employability at University of Northumbria

      Like you, we are already thinking ahead to what you will do after the achievement of your qualification. Therefore, the university wants you to have a fast track into the world of well-paid and fulfilling employment that gives a rapid return on your investment in studying in London.

      Employability is about gaining experience as well as expertise. Wherever appropriate and possible, the University of Northumbria develops your real experience in areas that are relevant to your journey towards becoming a highly capable individual and a strategic leader of the future. They place great importance on engagement with the worlds of business, finance and other sectors where our students aspire to gain employment.

      It may take the form of consultancy projects that look at specific issues facing client organizations, or specific training in work-related fields such as leadership development and business analysis.

      The Careers and Employment Service, at the heart of the network, provides a range of resources and services to help you succeed in your job search, including an online careers portal (with employer videos, practice psychometric tests, and other resources), workshops, and one-to-one appointments. As part of our partnership with QA Higher Education, they support students even more in achieving their career goals.

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        Accommodation Costs for Students at University of Northumbria

        A study conducted by the University of Northumbria revealed the costs for student accommodation in Newcastle. This is in spite of a significant increase in the number of students who are living off-campus. The University of Northumbria is one of the cheapest universities in the UK with accommodation costs that are a fraction of those at other institutions. The University of Northumbria is an excellent choice for students who want a low-cost university education in the UK. The university provides a range of accommodation options for students, ranging from shared student halls to privately owned houses.

        During their time at Northumbria, students understand that where they live plays a crucial role in their lives. Its aim is to make finding the best accommodation as easy as possible. The real-time availability booking system allows students to pick the exact building, flat, or room that they want to rent. It guarantees to provide a room for every student, either on campus or in close proximity to it. Rooms can be found for all budgets. Many of them feature communal areas for students to relax and meet other students.

        Students at Northumbria University are provided with all the tools they need to succeed, including incredible labs, lectures, workshops, and other learning facilities. In addition to using the latest technology to conduct ground-breaking research, students also have access to professional-grade devices to prepare them for their careers. Those wishing to study late at night will find convenient access to 24/7 technical IT support as well. Up to 3,000 students can simultaneously use Sports Central, the university’s flagship athletic facility. There is plenty to do to keep fit and active at the hotel, including fitness centres, tennis courts, a 25m swimming pool, and multiple courts and pitches indoors and outdoors.

        Why Study at University of Northumbria?

        The University of Northumbria has a reputation for being one of the best universities in the UK. It is also known as a top university for its research and teaching facilities. The University of Northumbria is one of the leading universities in the UK. It has been recognized as a top university in the world. The University of Northumbria is a popular choice for international students who want to study abroad. The university has an international reputation for its research and teaching excellence, particularly in areas such as engineering, computing, and construction. The university also has an excellent reputation for its sports teams, including the Premier League football club Newcastle United FC.

        Founded in 1992, Northumbria University consists of 20 schools and departments, with approximately 35,000 students from almost 135 countries. To provide learning for students outside of the UK, it has partnerships with universities all over the world.
        The university’s UK base consists of three campuses. The main one is in the centre of Newcastle and has recently benefited from a £200 million investment. It includes many of the university’s schools, as well as the main library, a gallery, high-tech laboratories, and the main student’s union, complete with bars and music venues. There is a swimming pool, a sprint track, squash courts, and a multi-use sports hall in Northumbria’s new multi-million-pound Sports Centre, which can accommodate up to 3,000 people.

        Additionally, it has sports facilities on its Coach Lane campus, including a fitness centre, indoor courts, and parks. In addition, it has a modern library for students to use. The University Library has been awarded Cabinet Office Customer Service Excellence accreditation since 2010. Students can take advantage of 24-hour IT support during the year. There are nearly 186,000 alumni around the world who have studied at Northumbria, including cycling gold medalist Victoria Pendleton.