Study in Malaysia:

Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia. It consists of 13 states and three federal territories. In Malaysia there are government-funded and private institutions. The government funded comprise of all public colleges, polytechnics and universities. Private universities comprise of non-university institutions such as colleges and university status institutions like private universities and campuses of foreign universities in Malaysia.

Why study in Malaysia?

Students will receive quality education at an affordable cost while earning their degree in Malaysia. Typical course fees include registration, tuition, deposit, laboratory fees course materials and health insurance. Apart from these, the cost of living is very low compared to other countries and students are permitted to work a maximum of 20 hours/week when they are studying in Malaysia, as long as they obtain a student permit.

Higher Education in Malaysia:

The growing reputation afforded to private universities in Malaysia has attracted thousands of international students across the globe from the past decade. Better known universities in Malaysia include:

  • Monash University Malaysia Campus
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • Sarawak Campus and Malaysia's oldest university
  • The University of Malaya
  • University Teknologi Malaysia
  • University Sains Malaysia
  • Monash University Malaysia
  • Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation
  • Sunway University
  • University Malaysia Sarawak
  • University Kuala Lumpur

Students can obtain Bachelor's and Master's degree at Malaysian universities in the same amount of time as the European and American degree programs. Most of the private and all public universities offer Master of Science degrees by completing necessary research and coursework. Doctorate degrees are earned when students can display research results in the form of a published paper. Malaysia also has polytechnic colleges that look like traditional vocational schools by offering associate's degrees, advanced diploma degrees or certificates of special skills.

Top benefits of studying in Malaysia:

Here are some of the finest benefits of studying in Malaysia:

  • Established and high quality education system and standards
  • Capability to get foreign degree qualifications studying fully in Malaysia from countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. at a much lower cost
  • Amazing quality of life guaranteed
  • When compared to other countries, low expenditure of studying and living is possible in Malaysia
  • The immigration procedures are very straightforward
  • Happy, peaceful and safe living
  • Wonderful and eye-catching travel destinations
  • Multi-ethnic country with vast variety of cultures
  • Malaysia is a food haven for people who can’t live without experiencing some incredible cuisines in the world.
  • Malaysia is no doubt an affordable study destination for students

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