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Are you looking for a visa to visit Europe because your child is graduating from high school in Europe? Global Six Sigma Consultants has you covered. Travelling to European countries has never been easier or more straightforward thanks to Global Six Sigma Consultants. You only need one visa to travel to any European country. This visa is known as the Schengen visa. This visa allows you to travel to up 26 European countries on business or pleasure.

Types of Schengen Visa:

No matter what visa type you have, Schengen visa holders can enter as many countries as the visa allows.
The Schengen visa has one amazing advantage:
The Schengen Visa is very favorable to those who plan to travel to multiple countries in Europe on the same trip. This will save you the trouble of applying for visas individually for each country.

Criteria for Eligibility:

The Schengen visa is required for people who wish to travel to the Schengen Zone or European countries. They can visit their relatives, friends, and go to other places for entertainment, as well as to enjoy the European country.
This visa is available to citizens of almost all countries if they fulfill the following basic document requirements:

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