University of Portsmouth Overview

University of Portsmouth is a public university located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The university was established in 1870 and is the oldest college in the state of New Hampshire. With over 11,000 students, it has a diverse student body with over 16,00 international students. University of Portsmouth is one of the most popular universities in the UK. It offers various courses including nursing, business and law. There are over 16,000 students at the university and it has been ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. In the QS Top University Guide 2021, the university has five-star ratings in the areas of teaching, employability, internationalization, facilities, arts and culture, and inclusivity.

Courses designed for the global job market will ensure that students are well prepared for a successful career. Numerous undergraduate and postgraduate programs are available across fields such as business, creativity and culture, the humanities, science, and technology. University of Portsmouth makes students more employable by providing paid work placements, or simulated environments such as a mock courtroom, where they can practice their skills. The opportunity to learn a new language for free, volunteer, or exchange with a different university can enrich students’ educational experience. During their studies, students can work part-time and find their first job after graduation with the Careers and Employability Service.

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    University of Portsmouth Ranking

    University of Portsmouth is the only UK university in the top 100 of the World University Rankings. University of Portsmouth has seen a steady rise in rankings since it was founded and is now ranked as one of the best universities in Europe. The university has been named as one of the top 100 universities worldwide and is also ranked as one of the top 100 universities for teaching excellence. The ranking system takes into account a variety of factors, including academic reputation, student-to-faculty ratio, citations per paper and international faculty ratio.

    In the Shanghai ranking for 2020, the University of Portsmouth has been ranked at 501-600 which is a significant improvement from 601-700 last year. The University of Portsmouth gained its university status in 1992 and is based in Portsmouth, UK. University of Portsmouth has consistently ranked among the top 600-601 universities in the world in the QS (Top universities) ranking for the last five years. Since 2017, University of Portsmouth has ranked within the top 100 higher education institutions in the UK according to The Complete University Guide and The Guardian.

    University of Portsmouth has been named Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework and in the Times Higher Education World Rankings 2019 and in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020 ranked as one of the top 150 young universities in the world. NatWest Student Living Index 2019 ranked the city in the top 10 UK cities with the most affordable accommodation for students. 85% of Portsmouth’s physics research, and 90% of its work in allied health professions (e.g., dental therapy, nursing, pharmacy), were rated as world-leading or excellent by Research Excellence Framework 2014.

    Courses in University of Portsmouth

    The courses at University of Portsmouth are designed to help students gain a wide range of skills that can be applied to many different career paths. The courses also prepare students for work or further study after graduation. The University of Portsmouth offers a wide variety of undergraduate courses including Accountancy, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Law, Marketing and Management Studies. There are 29 departments within the University of Portsmouth. Besides the over 200 undergraduate courses, there are 150 postgraduate courses, 65 research degree programs, and numerous courses in fields such as Accounting, Economics and Finance, Architecture, Biological Sciences, Business and Management, Criminology, Engineering, Law, Sport Science, and many more, tailored to the various interests of its students. A scholarship fund of over 5.5 million euros is provided by the university every year. Besides a prestigious academic curriculum, the university offers its students numerous opportunities for networking through organizations, sports clubs, and media.

    Admission in University of Portsmouth

    University of Portsmouth provides a number of pathways to the university. These pathways include the traditional undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, as well as short courses. University of Portsmouth is an internationally recognized institution of higher education and has been ranked in the top 100 universities in the world by Times Higher Education. The university is also ranked in the top 100 most diverse universities in Europe. University of Portsmouth has a total enrollment of about 16,000 students from all 50 states and over 100 countries. The university offers over 80 bachelor’s degree programs and 45 master’s degree programs. Admission to the university is highly competitive with an acceptance rate of just above 17%.

    As a prestigious university in the UK, the University of Portsmouth is known as a leading academic institution. The university offers a wide range of courses for students seeking graduate and postgraduate degrees. By selecting the most appropriate course for students, students can begin the application process. The application process to the university or the process of finding out about courses will be confusing for students. We have been the best consultancy for the past 23 years by visiting our Global Six Sigma office, which can also help you with your process. Our free counselling service will guide you through the admissions process, help you find the most suitable course at the University of Portsmouth, and provide you with free advice.

    Upon completion of the University of Portsmouth Counselling process, the application process will begin. Candidates must meet the university’s admission requirements in order to be admitted. UCAS is the major method of applying to the University of Portsmouth. The students fail their applications because they are uncertain or uncomfortable about the courses they should choose and the documents they should submit. Once the requirements for applying to our program are complete, all enrolled students will receive a letter of offer.

    Offer letters generally arrive within a week or two of receiving documentation. As a result of our outstanding university representation, our Global Six Sigma program offers a rapid application process. University personnel is continually communicating with us since we have direct relationships with universities. Our students will thus not waste their time or effort. Your application for admission to the University of Portsmouth will be taken into consideration as part of our consulting relationship with you.

    Eligibility and Documents Required to Apply for University of Portsmouth

    An application form and transcripts, as well as a personal statement, must be submitted to the University of Portsmouth. The University of Portsmouth is a public university in Portsmouth, England. It has a student body that is made up of over 24,000 students. The university offers degrees in a variety of subjects including engineering, science, computing, and the humanities.

    A few documents are required of applicants to the University of Portsmouth. Before you apply to a university, you need to know what documents you need. When you are unfamiliar with the application process, you may feel stressed. To be admitted to the University of Portsmouth, students need to meet certain qualifications. We provided easy access to information about the requirements to help students understand what are the necessary documents they need to submit. Attending lectures, writing essays, participating in discussion groups, and presenting academic papers require students to demonstrate a solid command of the English language.

    A 7.5 grade point average on the ICSE, CBSE or another state-administered exam is required for candidates seeking admission to the first year of a bachelor’s degree program. It is allowed to consider courses with a grade requirement of 80% or higher, and courses with a grade requirement of 85% may also be considered. For an Indian student to graduate with a master’s degree, they must hold a bachelor’s degree along with a grade point average between 60% and 75% (this will vary based on their thesis subject). A test of English proficiency is required of all international students. In addition to the English Language Exam, you can take it with your Grade 12 English Examination results.

    Applicants must provide personal information, proofs of identity and address, as well as evidence of English proficiency (or an equivalent) to this institution in order to be considered for admission.

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      Fees in University of Portsmouth

      University of Portsmouth is an expensive university to attend and it is not cheap to live in the city either. The cost of living in Portsmouth is high and students have to work while attending university.


      University of Portsmouth has been ranked among the top 100 universities in the world by Times Higher Education World Rankings for several years. The university has a total enrolment of about 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The main cost of studying is your tuition fees, which are paid to the University to cover course and university costs.


      International students pay tuition fees to differ depending on whether their course is taught in class, in laboratories, or both; they also pay tuition differently if their course includes a placement year.

      University of Portsmouth

      Accommodation Costs for Students in the University of Portsmouth

      Students at the University of Portsmouth are required to pay a fee of £150 per year for their accommodation. The university has created a new scheme to help students afford the cost. The University of Portsmouth has been trying to be more affordable so that more people can study there without having to worry about the cost of living. They have introduced this new scheme to help students who need financial assistance with their accommodation costs, which can often be expensive for students living away from home for the first time. The University of Portsmouth has an array of accommodation options that are tailored to suit different needs and budgets. The university also offers discounts for students who live on campus.

      Located in the heart of Portsmouth, an island city with a compact centre, the University of Portsmouth is a city campus. It is easy to reach the seafront, entertainment, shopping, and everything else you should need right in the city centre and most university buildings and halls of residence are located there. You can walk from Southsea seafront to the city centre and main university campus in a few minutes. Here you can enjoy fantastic sea views, four miles of beach and the green spaces of Southsea Common.

      If they have made the University their permanent choice and comply with the accommodation deadlines, all international students are guaranteed accommodation for the first year of study. The university offers more than 5000 rooms in its many halls of residence. You can rent private accommodation in the city, mostly in the form of shared apartments and houses, or by staying with a local family. University officials monitor vacancy announcements and safety standards throughout the year in order to make finding a suitable place to live easier for students.

      Why Study at the University of Portsmouth?

      The University of Portsmouth is a public university in Portsmouth, England. It is a member of the Russell Group of research-intensive universities and has a reputation for excellence in teaching and research. The University of Portsmouth is ranked as the top university in the UK for student satisfaction. It offers more than 300 undergraduate courses, with over 25,000 students enrolled on campus. The university’s diverse range of degree subjects offers something for everyone who wants to learn more about their chosen field of study. Students can choose from over 200 different courses and specializations with an emphasis on teaching excellence and student support services. The University of Portsmouth can trace its history back to 1869 and the formation of the Portsmouth and Gosport School of Science and the Arts.

      The campus has been undergoing a number of construction projects in the past few years. Earlier this year, the university opened a 14-million-pound wing in its Eldon Building, housing facilities for creative arts students, including a 200-seat cinema, studios for creative projects, and seminar spaces. Those developments were followed in 2015 by the White Swan Building which provided performance spaces for students and The Forensic Innovation Centre, which partnered with local authorities and allowed students to interact with practitioners of forensic science.

      Scholarships at the University of Portsmouth

      The University of Portsmouth expects all international students to support themselves while studying there. The student must provide proof of adequate financial support in order to receive a visa to come and study in the UK. International students are, however, eligible for several university scholarships. The Vice Chancellor’s Global Development Scholarship provides a GBP 1,600 reduction in the fee for the first year of study. These scholarships are available to qualified students in the UK. The Global Academic Merit Scholarship offers an additional GBP 5,000 reduction in fees for the first year of study in addition to the Chancellor’s Global Academic Merit Scholarship. Selected international students are eligible for the scholarship and the number of places available is limited. Scholarships are awarded on a merit-based basis.

      University of Portsmouth

      The cost of attending University of Portsmouth can be reduced by applying for external scholarships. Among them are:

      • In addition to postgraduate scholarships, the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission provides fellowship funding for professional development.
      • With the British Council, the GREAT Scholarship is open to students from India and China.
      • Academic merit determines the Santander scholarships, which come in the form of fee waivers. The scholarship is open to eligible candidates upon receiving an unconditional offer.
      • The Chevening Scholarship for outstanding scholars with potential for leadership is highly sought after. A master’s degree in any subject will usually be awarded for a one-year period.