Visit Visa for Europe:

Is your child’s graduation ceremony is in Europe and you are looking for a visit visa? Then, Global Six Sigma Consultants have got you covered. We have made travelling to countries of the European continent very easy and greatly simplified. Now, you need only 1 visa to travel any European country which is called Schengen visa. Once you get this visa, you can travel to as many as 26 countries in Europe on business/leisure.

Types of Schengen visa:

  • Short stay uniform visa: This is a 6 months visa and it will let you travel to any Schengen member state with a maximum stay of up to 90 days and is normally dispensed based on your travel dates.
  • Short stay visa with limited territorial validity: This lets you visit states indicated on the visa sticker and not any of the other Schengen countries.
  • Airport Transit Visa: This is for people in transit traveling from any of the member states and need to change the aircraft at any other member State.

Irrespective of the visa type, a Schengen visa holder can make number of entries as indicated on the visa.

One amazing benefit of Schengen visa:

  • Schengen Visa is very much favourable to the people who are planning to travel to diverse countries in the European nation on the same trip. This will avoid you all the hassles to obtain an individual visa for each and every country you visit.

Eligibility Criteria:

Schengen visa is for those people who require a visa to visit the European countries or the Schengen Zone; either for visiting their friends, relatives, and travel to places around for entertainment and to enjoy the European country.

Citizens of almost every country can get this visa if they meet these fundamental document requirements:

  • Valid passport
  • Proofs of you financial status
  • Income tax returns
  • Documents of sponsorship
  • Invitation letter
  • Employment or Business documents
  • Travel medical insurance

These are only a few requirements and you may need to meet even more entry requirements and it depends on your profile and the country you are applying.

Why choose Global Six Sigma Consultants to get visit visa to Europe?

Many have already chosen us and have benefitted greatly. Some of the reasons to choose us include:

  • We offer prompt services and you get within the shortest time possible
  • Our processing fee is very low compared to others
  • We advise you the best strategies to get visa
  • Give advises on your finances
  • We shall review your documents and prepare all the necessary things for submission

One amazing benefit of Schengen visa: