Study in Italy

Free Education in Italy for Indian Students

Study in Italy

Study in Italy for Indian students – World’s Renowned Universities with Global Six Sigma Consultants Assistance

Global Six Sigma Consultants is now giving an amazing opportunity for Indian students to study masters in Italy for free. Yes! You heard that right! We have many universities with which we have a long-term relationship and they offer the best amenities for  Indian students who want to study abroad. To offer the best quality abroad education for Indian students, we are doing these services. Do you know that Italy has also played a significant role in European higher education? Every year 40000 international students go to Italy for their masters.

Free education in Italy :

Free education in Italy is everyone’s dream! Do you know that Italian universities have a strong relationship with industries and the programmes are designed in collaboration with companies operating in the same sector? It’s true! Italian universities give students the opportunities to visit companies and their managers, attend job fairs too in hundreds of companies so that you gain additional knowledge apart from what you learn in the universities. Study in Italy for Indian students is a boon which will be fulfilled with our consultancy.

Italy Education Consultants in Hyderabad:

Global Six Sigma Consultants are one of the best abroad education consultants in Hyderabad. Till now, we have successfully guided 4000+ students to 200 universities in 11 Countries. And to Italy, we have sent hundreds of students too. We have been in service for the past 18 years and reached major milestones in this service area. Students who are pursuing higher education now thank us for our tremendous support and guidance.

Our Services:

We are the best Italy consultancy in Hyderabad. We assist our students not only with universities but also with free accommodation and food. If you go with us, we guarantee you scholarships 100%. Now you don’t need IELTS/TOEFL/GRE to study in Italy. There is no VISA fee too and the issue rate is more than 90%. We also let you know how to get 20 hours of part-time work to support all your living expenses in Italy. During the time of vacation, you can work full-time and there will be more than 5 months of vacation in a year. So, are you ready to grab this fantastic opportunity to make your dream come true? If yes, call us today and we make it clear how to proceed further effortlessly.

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