Pursue masters in Italy for free without IELTS

masters in Italy for free without IELTS

Pursue masters in Italy for free without IELTS

Ever thought about pursuing higher studies in a country where you can have almost everything just around the corner such as skiing, beaches, historical sites and top-quality education? Italy is one such destination! Free education in Italy for Indian students is a great advantage and one should not miss this golden opportunity. Italy free education for masters is one of our major areas of expertise. We have almost sent close to 5000 people abroad to as many as 11+ countries and 200+ universities. We are running like a top player in this industry for so many years and many students like the way we approach their planning and help them reach abroad without much hassle.

Student life for international students:

Higher education in Italy for international students helps in securing a fantastic career thereafter. Italy has a very long tradition in higher education. It has played an important role in European higher education and provided its contribution to the European Area of Higher Education.

Italy provides some of the oldest universities in the world and is the founder of the Bologna process i.e. the standard in higher education in Europe and a growing influence. Offering high-quality education is another area in which Italy has earned its sense of pride. The life of a student is too good as they get quality education at a low cost and the universities are outstanding.

Requirements to study in Italy:

There is no language proficiency like TOEFL/IELTS is required if the education has been in English Medium. Those candidates who are graduated from an English language speaking high school aren’t needed to submit any further documents to verify their English language skills. An applicant needs to offer an official declaration or certificate printed on headed and stamped paper proving the previous education in English medium to study in Italy without IELTS. We at Global Six Sigma Consultancy will take care of everything as we are very clear of every requirement for Italy free education for international students.


So, if you want to study in Italy without IELTS, then we are the right consultancy who can assist you completely from start till you reach abroad. Education in Italy for international students is a great advantage as their degrees are recognized all around the world. If you want Italy free education universities list, then you have got to reach us. Meet us at our office and we shall give you complete information and knowledge on how to proceed further.

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