Is it Possible to Study in UK without IELTS

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Is it Possible to Study in UK without IELTS?

Yes, it is possible to study in UK without the need to write the IELTS exam. It is a wonderful chance for you to settle in the UK after completing your masters. Global Six Sigma Consultants can provide you with a great chance to get admission to a top university with ease. You will get a scholarship as well if you choose us as your study abroad, partner. We have helped many students to study in UK without IELTS, and you could also be one of them with our expert help.

Getting the UK Visa without IELTS

It is very much possible to study in UK without IELTS. Though English language proficiency is one among the requirements, there is an alternative if you still want to study at a university that waives IELTS. Rather than sending your IELTS score, you can send a document from the university asserting that you are eligible to apply for a Visa. The role of our consultancy to study in UK without IELTS 2022 is extremely important, and we will guide you well to realize your dream.

Benefits of Studying in the UK

Masters in the UK for Indian students is a boon and should not miss this chance to study in UK.

  • Worldwide recognized degree: The UK is home to hundreds of top universities, and without a doubt, the degrees are recognized across the world.
  • Multicultural environment: The UK has a multi-ethnic culture and is also a cosmopolitan country. More than 300 languages are spoken in the capital city London itself.
  • Great country to kickstart your career: Aspiring students get a chance to explore industries and kickstart their careers easily.
  • Scholarship: Students taking up undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses can get a scholarship.
  • Complete masters in one year: You can complete your masters within 1 year in the UK. It saves a lot of your time, money, and effort without compromising on the quality of education.
  • IELTS not needed: One of the best reasons is to study in UK without IELTS for Indian students in 2022.

Now that you know the benefits of studying in UK, visit us today. We know the top universities for masters in the UK and can guide you to success easily. You can reach us on 9246178801.


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