How to study masters in Germany for free

How to study masters in Germany for free?

How to study masters in Germany for free

Next to USA and UK, Germany is the most preferred study abroad destinations for students. With first-rate quality of education, methodically oriented courses, zero tuition fee, and availability of various scholarships entice Indian students to pursue their higher education in Germany. Global Six Sigma Consultants is offering the finest consulting services for students who desire to study masters in Germany for free. We have a list of few top universities who do not charge even the nominal fee for getting an admission, which is the key benefit you get by going through us.

Is there any tuition fee in Germany?

There are a few exceptions which we will let you know, but for both undergraduate and graduate degrees, you can pursue higher education for free in public German universities. The only fee that you may have to pay is administrative fee which is very less and this amount is also paid for providing quality services to the students only. So, don’t miss this chance to study in Germany for free.

Besides these, Germany is an incredible educational destination that offers students quality rewards and world famous degrees. Even if it’s a graduate or an under-graduate degree, quality matters a lot for German universities. Make sure that you learn a bit of German to manage yourself with the things at the place. Coming to transportation, food and accommodation, it’s a bit cheap compared to other countries where the cost of living is also too high.

Admission Process:

Universities of Germany are extremely qualitative and the admission procedure is too strict. But don’t worry; we can help you get the desired university and course with ease. For doing your post-graduation, a very strong academic knowledge and research background in field which is relevant is compulsory. In postgraduate and doctorate programs, a minimum of 16 years of education is an entry requirement. Of course, most of the courses are in English, but expertise in German language is a must to deal with the everyday life outside of classrooms.

Our services:

Our consultants provide a few free services like: free career counseling, scholarship assistance, complete guidance on admission, visa assistance, pre departure briefings, and post arrival problem solving. Our expert counselors, who have decades of expertise into their respective fields will provide their complete support on the entire overseas education and its aspects which include educational planning, professional training, educational issues and concerns and many more. So, with us free education in Germany can be utilized completely to the core and we guarantee that you enjoy hassle free life while you study.

study masters in Germany for free
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study masters in Germany for free
Next to USA and UK, Germany is the most preferred study abroad destinations for students.
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