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The Accommodation Office is able to give you assistance and advice on the accommodation options and application procedures for the halls of residence.

The sooner you let us know that you need accommodation in Christchurch, the more chance there is of you finding somewhere to live that you are really happy with.

Christchurch is New Zealand's most affordable major city and offers a range of accommodation options throughout the year, including:

There are a total of six Halls of Residence at the University of Canterbury (suitable for individual students, not students with a family).

  • Fully-catered accommodation: Mainly suitable for first-year students, these Halls provide three meals a day seven days a week.
  • Semi-catered accommodation: The apartments in Sonoda Christchurch Campus have full kitchen facilities and a catered dinner is provided every night on-site.
  • Self-catered accommodation: These fully-furnished apartments are ideal for independent students of all ages over 18 years. Each apartment has full kitchen facilities and no meals are provided.

If you want to live in one of the University's Halls of Residence, you will need check which hall you would prefer and then complete all the required application steps by the due dates.

If you are a new student coming to UC, you are automatically guaranteed an offer at the Ilam Apartments if you complete the required steps by the due date. See 'New students to UC' for more details. For individuals who would like to live off-campus, couples or students with families there is a good selection of affordable rental accommodation close to the University. If you choose this type of accommodation for your stay in New Zealand – you will need to find your own flat when you arrive.

Finding a suitable apartment off-campus can take time, so be prepared to stay in temporary accommodation in New Zealand when you first arrive (for example a motel or hostel) for at least 2 weeks so you have time to find a suitable flat. The Accommodation Office has a Flatting database of ‘Flatmates Wanted' and ‘Properties Available' which may help you find a room but please note that it is highly recommended that you should personally view the property before signing up anywhere.

A useful guide designed for people who need to know the basics of what the law relating to renting and tenancy means, especially if you are renting for the first time, is "Renting and you - a guide to the law about renting". This booklet is from the Department of Building and Housing and is available in eight languages - English, Maori, Samoan, Tongan, Korean, Chinese, Arabic and Cook Island Homestay accommodation is available close to the University and throughout the city. The average cost of living with a NZ family in a private home is NZD$210-230 per person per week.

The fee covers 2 or 3 meals per day, a furnished room, power and local phone calls. Some homestay families will do your laundry.


International students arriving in New Zealand will come from many different countries with a variety of health care systems. Some will come from countries where the delivery of health care is very similar to that operating in New Zealand, e.g. Australia and Britain. Others will come from countries where a wide variety of potent drugs are available to be purchased at pharmacies without the need to see a doctor. Yet others will be totally unfamiliar with the principles and practices of Western medicine as offered in this country. This section is an attempt to introduce you to the New Zealand health system in general, the way medicine is practiced in this country and, in some cases, at Massey University in particular.

While studying in New Zealand the main and most frequently used point of access to health care services you will require will be at the primary health care level. The model is that everyone should contact their primary health care provider in the first instance, who in turn will treat you or refer you on to other health care providers. Your primary health care provider for you while studying at Massey University is the Massey University Medical Centre. We are fully equipped to either manage your particular health problem ourselves, or if it is necessary, refer you to another appropriate provider.









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