Top Study Abroad Consultants in Hyderabad

Top Study Abroad Consultants in Hyderabad

Top Study Abroad Consultants in Hyderabad

Global Six Sigma Consultants is a British based limited company exclusively offering consultation services to students intending to pursue higher studies in different Universities and colleges around the Globe. Global Six Sigma Consultants is a sister concern of Global Mobilization Society having its operations for the last decade in the field of education, capacity-building, emancipation and empowerment of youth in India and in the process of establishing its educational academy meeting international standards. We have started our consultancy 2 decades back and we are successfully considered as the top study abroad consultants in Hyderabad right now. If you want to pursue higher studies, without any doubt look at us!

Top abroad education consultants in Hyderabad

We are the top abroad education consultants in Hyderabad because we have a quality counselling team. All the members in our department are trained professionals from the Embassies and University officials. All the information provided for the students, Parents and Candidates is authenticated information. We enjoy a 99% success rate in UK student Visas, an 88% success rate in USA student Visas, an 85% success rate in NZ student Visas, A 99% Success rate in Germany Student Visas. 80% success rates with regards to Canada and Australia. As a result, we are no doubt the top abroad consultancy in Hyderabad.

Services we cater

  1. On-spot admissions: We allow students to meet delegates from several institutions, universities and colleges. Students will not just get a chance to get their doubts clarified about the University but will also know the course and even get on-spot offer letters.
  2. Assistance in university and course selection: We provide in-depth personal guidance and guide you in choosing the right course in the right university according to your profile and considering other key factors.
  3. Scholarship assistance: We offer complete information about various scholarships offered by different universities.
  4. Accommodation assistance: Our counsellors would guide you with different types of accommodation which fit your needs and budget.
  5. Visa assistance: Being the top study abroad consultancy in Hyderabad, we also help our students in the entire processing right from filling up applications, preparing financial statements, providing guidance and conducting mock interviews.

Therefore, if you are in search of top study abroad education consultants in Hyderabad, we are the right consultancy. Call us now on 9246178801, 8008000415.

Top Study Abroad Consultants in Hyderabad
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Top Study Abroad Consultants in Hyderabad
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