How is Italy for Indian Students to Pursue Higher Education

How is Italy for Indian Students to Pursue Higher Education

Italy is one amazing destination to pursue masters for Indian students and Global Six Sigma Consultants is providing an incredible opportunity to study masters in Italy for free. We will help you get admission to one of the finest universities having incredible facilities and infrastructure. Many students consider Italy as the ideal destination for higher studies because of the following reasons:

High quality of education and affordable education rates:

  • Italy is the best country to study at a low cost. The tuition fee is very less when compared with other countries in Europe and so many students prefer Italy as their destination to pursue a master.

Schengen Visa:

  • Schengen Visa is provided by the Government of Italy to help you find a job easily. This isn’t the case with other countries if you want to find a job after completing your studies.

Provides a large number of courses:

  • Italy offers an extensive range of courses that are widely accepted in India and elsewhere and Italy believes in traditional education.

Delicious food:

  • Italian food is one of the best. Many people love Italian dishes and are widely popular across the world. When you are here, you get to experience the delicious dishes of all time.

These are some of the widely accepted reasons to Study in Italy.

Best-of Italian Universities:

  • Italy has many oldest continually operating universities in the world. The University of Bologna is believed to establish in 1088.
  • Italian universities charge very minimal tuition fees from international students and offer master programmes exclusively taught in English.
  • Italian Universities offer plenty of scholarships to students from India than any other country in the world.
  • Italian universities have a strong relationship with industry and the programmes are designed in collaboration with companies operating in the same sector.
  • The career service support at Italian Universities gives students the chance to meet company managers and to attend job fairs in which hundreds of companies take part.
  • Many Italian universities exempt Indian students from attending IELTS/TOEFL.


So, if you want to study in Italy for free, then come to us today and meet our experts. Study in Italy for Indian students is the best opportunity one shouldn’t miss. Under our professional guidance, we will help you reach a positive path and better future endeavours successfully. So, to get in touch with us, call 08008000415, 09246178801.

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